Handicapped People Whorehouse Busted By FBI

LAS VEGAS, Nevada –

FBI agents cracked down on unsuspecting patrons at a Las Vegas brothel where more than 40 arrests were made for sex slavery and rape. Approximately twenty-seven people with severe disabilities – including quadriplegics, stroke victims, burn victims, the severely retarded – were forced into sexual acts with clients.


Police suspected for some time that the private home for the disabled was actually a front for a bordello, where fetish clients paid to have sex with disabled persons, and their leads proved right. Police say the prostitution ring had been going on for approximately 24 months.

The 37-year old owner, Jack Thompson, was arrested with two of his sons and some 40 guests.


Arrest Photo: Jack Thompson

The FBI raid engaged more than 20 agents in what local officials believe to be the only bust of it’s kind.

Crime psychologist, Ryan Gastin, tried to shed light on the situation:

“There are people who actually like to engage in sex with handicapped people. We don’t quite know what is behind the at this time, although we believe it’s related to having total power over another human being. Very rarely is sex with handicapped people consensual. But to capitalize on the most helpless of our society, to sell their flesh for profit is the lowest thing I have seen in my career. I hope this bust doesn’t give other entrepreneurs ideas to start disabled persons’ bordellos. But wherever there is money to be made, people will usually try to make it.”

The victims have been taken to a hospital where they are being evaluated and treated by doctors. Thompson and his sons could spend up to life in prison legal experts say.

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