Disgruntled Employee Gets ‘Extreme Revenge’ On Bad Boss

Sheila Stein had been working at Payday Loans Express in suburban Tampa, Florida for a year when things went terribly wrong.

Her boss, Jameel Mendoza, made Stein work up to 90 hours a week, 7 days a week for minimum-wage – most of the money being taken out of her meager paycheck  to repay a title loan Stein defaulted on in 2014.

As if that weren’t enough, Mendoza made Stein clean his cabin, his house and his car every weekend.  He would literally give her work the ‘white glove’ inspection.  If he found soot on the glove, she had to start her work over.

As Stein continued to work, she saw what started as a $5,000 debt, balloon into $100,000 debt as Mendoza continued to unfairly tack on interest and penalties.

When Mendoza suggested she could help work off the debt even faster if he she provided him with sexual favors, Stein lost it and went on a revenge rampage that would humble any bad boss.

These pictures tell the story of Stein’s revenge:

1: Toilet papered the front of Mendoza’s 6,000 sq. ft. home


2: Left tire tracks on his grass…


3: Pix axes to Mendoza’s luxury sedan…


4: She breaks into Mendoza’s cabin and trashes nearly every room…


5: Bathroom


And now for the big one…. Stein somehow got her hands on a chainsaw and did this…

6: Fell a tree onto Mendoza’s cabin…


If you happen to be not the nicest of bosses, you may want to rethink how you treat your employees or something like this could end up happening to you.

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