Company Wants To Stop Pedophiles… With ‘Child Love Dolls’

COLORADO SPRINGS – Buck Dobson knows what it is like to suffer at the hands of pedophile. He was repeatedly molested at age 10 by his 19-year-old-sister and says the scars have never healed.

However, the abuse inspired Dobson to spend most of his adult life working to cure pedophilia. For years, Dobson tried to rehabilitate pedophiles within the Colorado prison system and through Christian outreach programs, but Dobson said his efforts failed.


“Look, you can’t change a pedophile’s sexual-orientation, and that’s what it is, an orientation, any more than you can a homo or heterosexual’s,” Dobson told Christian Family Daily. “You can try to get a pedophile to refrain from touching kids — and that sometimes works — but these people desire children and that desire is deep inside their genes. So why try to fix something unfixable?”

Instead, Dobson is starting a company that will create and market life-like male and female child and baby love dolls that pedophiles can molest and have sexual relations with.

“These dolls will feel and smell just like real children and have all the naughty parts,” Dobson said. “Pedophiles are gonna love them.”

Dobson is also looking for money:

“I’m going to attempt to get a government grant to offset startup costs to keep the price of the dolls low, so we can get a child sex doll into the bed of every pedophile in America. This is also a great business opportunity for me because pedophile numbers are increasing. It’s a huge, growing market that nobody has tapped.”

Dobson’s company will have three basic models to begin, but eventually plans to let customers have some options ranging from choosing the doll’s color of eyes and hair to letting customers select body types: chubby, skinny, tall, short. Dobson said he is even considering adding buttons users can push that will make the child cry or laugh.

“Most pedophiles know what they’re doing is wrong,” Dobson said. “They don’t want to do it [molest a child] and get caught and go to prison. So let’s give them a healthy alternative so they won’t feel the need to touch our living, breathing children.”

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