Was Hitler’s Father Black…?

KAMPALA, Uganda –

A think tank based in Uganda claims Hitler was of mixed-race – half black/half white. Allegedly Klara Hitler (Adolph’s mother) visited Uganda (then known as British Protectorate of Uganda ) in August of 1888 to study primitive mythology.


One day she was separated from her exploration party and taken into the jungle by thirty Ugandan hunters, given magic mushrooms, homemade alcohol (Kasese), and participated in a three day Banyarwanda tribal orgy.

“According to many documents we discovered,” program director Emmanuel Petelei told New Vision, Uganda’s largest newspaper. “Klara Hitler quite enjoyed tribal orgy and wanted to stay in Uganda with the men indefinitely, but the Banyarwanda tribesman say no. So she go back to white person land.”

According to the group, Klara Hitler became pregnant with Adolph, but since she had multiple sex partners, the true genetic father cannot be traced, but the think tank has attributed her pregnancy to tribal chief Tittitsu Kananura.

The group said Alois Hitler Hitler was not the true father of Adolph Hitler.

“I don’t know how white people are, but when you’re black you can’t help but feel your blackness,” Petelei said. “He [Adolph Hitler] had to feel it, but knew he couldn’t embrace his inner-Ugandan and this led to a deep racial divide in himself which manifested as racial hatred and wanting to kill his black half. He carried out his desire to kill his black half by exterminating Jewish people. It’s possibly Klara Hitler told him his father was African. We don’t know. But she obviously had to tell Mr. Hilter Sr. because of her baby bump and he had to say he was little Adolph’s biological father to prevent shame from coming onto the family.”

The obvious question: Why didn’t Adolph Hitler look mixed race?

“We don’t know,” Petelei said. “We think he could have been born with Anglo features and black skin, mabye his mother possibly bleached his skin to be white when he was tiny baby. She would obviously take great measures to hide the fact that she had sex orgy with many black men.”

Source: New Vision News

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