Here Comes The Google Brain Chip

The technology giant Google has announced with great fanfare this morning in San Francisco the market launch of its new Google BrainChip, ” a technology that will allow humanity to accelerate its merger with robotics ” ensures its Executive Chairman, Eric Schmidt.


“No need to start your car remotely, send an email to a business partner or order pizza anymore, Google BrainChip will do it for you ” assures us the specialist in futuristic technologies. “The BrainChip is designed to predict in advance what you want to eat, who to invite or not to invite to dinner and what to shop for . All the little mundane details of your life will be permenantly erased from your memory, you won’t even need to think practically! ” He added , visibly excited.

Google BrainChip will be available on the market starting this May at a cost of $ 10,000 per implant, but prices should fall rapidly with increasing demand”,  assures a spokesman of the sales department.

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